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Gayle Weisfield, Watercolor Artist and Teacher

Transparent Watercolor Artist

Gayle Weisfield is a realistic landscape artist. She captures the feel of the northwest landscape with a fresh, direct, bold wet in wet technique. Strong design and negative value patterns are her trademark. Gayle sometimes finds the similarities between nature and watercolor to be virtually indistinguishable in terms of color subtleties, remarkable atmospheric transparency, and delicate shapes of form and edges. "It is almost as though the pigment has a mind of its own." The artist must simply decide how much to control and how much of the natural beauty to leave to chance .

Visit our site at www.gayleweisfield.com to view our gallery, learn more about the artist and purchase our watercolor paper stretcher.

Contact Information:
Boga Board
Gayle Weisfield
PO Box 572
Hood River, OR 97031

Work Phone: 541.387.2034
Home Phone: 514.387.2034
Fax: 541.387.2034
E-mail: info@gayleweisfield.com

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