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Through his art, Gary attempts to enrich the viewer's appreciation of the wild. His watercolor paintings strive to capture the ambiance of wilderness. While photography can record a precise--"at that moment"--visual image of nature, Gary believes that a painter must reach beyond this to acquire some semblance of the actual spirit of nature. In short, a painter must bring it alive! This pursuit--to bring "wilderness" alive through watercolors--is his passion and challenge as an artist!

With a primary theme of mountains, wilderness lands and shorelines, Gary travels extensively in his quest to both collect painting materials and find new paths to explore. The truth is, he enjoys the "going to" as much as the painting process, itself. As an avid outdoors enthusiast, Gary hikes, skis, sails, and kayaks through the landscapes that he paints. Since his move to the Flathead Valley in early 2002, he has turned his artistic attentions to painting Montana's Glacier National Park.

Although educated at the University of Minnesota with a liberal arts degree, Gary is essentially self taught as a watercolor painter--save an occasional painting workshop. He was actually a law-school-bound-political-science-major who abruptly took a "sharp turn", on the "road of life", to pursue his true interest and passion of painting, shortly after graduation. Gary has never regretted this move (nor has he created any noticeable vacuum in the legal world).

Over the years, he has achieved numerous painting awards, including 7 acceptances into the prestigious "Top 100" National Park painting collections of the National Park Academy of the Arts . His work has been collected, and has been commissioned, by some well known corporations, such as US West, Georgia Pacific, Federated Insurance, and General Mills.

When not "in the field" collecting painting subject matter, Gary resides, with his wife, Marlene, in Lakeside, Montana.

Gary's artwork, instructional videos and instructional workshops can be viewed at:



Contact Information:
Gary Spetz Watercolors Studio
Gary Spetz
7595 Hwy 93 South
Lakeside, MT 59922-0374

Work Phone: (406) 844-3816
Home Phone: (406) 844-3816
Fax: (928) 441-9492
E-mail: spetz@spetz.com

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