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Vibrant watercolours and acrylics are the trademark of Gail Miller. A member of the ebsq self representing artists group, Gail has been drawing and painting from a young age. She graduated with a degree in Knitwear design and worked in industry for a time designing knitwear and knitting patternd. However she spent the next 15 years or so bringing up children. Nowadays, she has more time to devote to her art. Her work is uplifting, inspiring and cheerful and she is influenced by everything and anything. Usually working in combinations of vibrant colours, in often quirky contrasts, she tries affect the viewer both visually and emotionally, not necessarily striving for deep meaning in her paintings, rather, a what you see is what you get philosophy, encompassing many of her own personal interests and inspirations. You can see all of her work at her website Gails Art Gallery, at http://home.freeuk.net/gails-gallery

See my whole range of work at my website

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Gail MillerBA


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E-mail: gails-gallery@freeuk.com

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