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Watercolors by Frank Murphy, GWS, FWS, WW


Frank's  work has been accepted in many National and local juried art competitions.  He is a signature member of the Georgia Watercolor Society,  Florida Watercolor Society and  Watercolor West.

Early in Frank's experimental journey through art mediums he developed a strong interest and love for transparent watercolor. His quest for knowledge and techniques related to this watery medium has lead to the study books and videos by many of his favorite watercolorists, such as Rowland Hilder, Tony Couch, John Koser, Tony Van Hasselt and Judy Wagner and workshops with Douglas Teller and Max Muller.


  •    Florida Watercolor Society 26th  Exhibition, 1997
  •   Georgia Watercolor Society XX  National Exhibition, 1999, Awarded Signature Membership
  •   Georgia Watercolor Society 1999, 2000, 2003, 2005 Members Exhibition 
  •   Charlotte County Art Guild, Inc. Punta Gorda, Florida, National Exhibit 2000
  •   Georgia Watercolor Society XXV National Exhibition, 2004
  •   Watercolor West XXXVII Annual Exhibition, 2005
  •   Watercolor West XXXVIII Annual Exhibition, 2006
  •   Boca Grande Art Alliance 2007 National Exhibition
  •   Florida Watercolor Society 36th Annual Exhibtion, 2007
  •   Georiga Watercolor Society 2007 Members Exhibition, Membership Award
  •    Georiga Watercolor Society 2009 Members Exhibition
  •   Florida Watercolor Society 40th Annual Exhibition, 2011, Awarded Signature Membership
  •   Watercolor West XLIII Annual Exhibition, 2011, Awarded Signature Membership



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