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Fleur Laird Long

“Beauty in a painting is static, symbolizing a moment of life lengthened to infinity”, states the artist. True perhaps to her name, Fleur means flower in French, the main body of her work is large flowers, reminiscent of Georgia O’Keeffe. Sized and dramatically splashed across the paper in bold colors, giving the viewer a feeling for the artist’s strong and enthusiastic personality, as well as her love for the vibrancy and vitality of flowers. She asserts, “They exist so fleetingly, with such perfection and beauty.”

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Contact Information:
Fleur's Gallery
Fleur Laird Long
hcr 10 box 99
dillard, ga 30537

Work Phone:
Home Phone: 704-526-4489
E-mail: 178011@pager.mirabilis.com

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