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Come experience the magic of loose watercolor painting as portrayed by Ferdinand Rosa on location. I always do a demonstration first and help each student get started on their own painting. Each day ends with a relaxed critique before dinner. So, if you want to learn how to compose watercolor paintings utilizing loose wet-in-wet techniques, hurry and sign up for the classes listed below. Classes are limited in size.

Y2000 Watercolor Workshops On Location In:

for information about all workshops please e-mail me at: forcrosa@mindspring.com

I have a MASTERS of FINE ART DEGREE in PAINTING and I"ve painted fulltime both on location and in the studio for the past 25 years. "Painting is my passion and teaching is my pleasure." COMING SOON you will be able to visit my website: Ferdinandrosa.com to view my paintings.

Contact Information:

Ferdinand A Rosa
5424 North Cove Rd
Gainesville, GA 30504

Work Phone: 770-531-9848
Home Phone:
Fax: 770-531-9848
E-mail: forcrosa@mindspring.com

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