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ERIKA JUST - Watercolor Artist


I was born in Leoben, Austria (In the heart of the Steiermark) went to college and married a petrol engineer. Because of my husbands profession I lived in Europe, Africa, Asia and the USA. When we finally moved to Houston, Texas I had the opportunity to study water color painting with well known artists like Ed Whitney, Burt Silverman, Robert Wood, Marge Brichler and many more. Jose' Perez introduced me to portraiture. Even though I paint in pastel and oil, my main love belongs to watercolor. My favorite subjects are flowers and people. I won prices in the United States, France and Austria. Please visit me on my web-site.

Contact Information:

Erika Just

Weissenbach, A 4854

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E-mail: erika-just@web.de

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