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Rust Metal Is Born

poison club are going to be the first rust metal band and we're gonna ROCK. Over the course of time i'll be adding more info. all i can say know is poison are in the formation stage but lyrics and riffs are ready, so you better be ready for them! Poison Club are looking for a bassit and drummer from midlands of *IRELAND* if intrested e-mail me to find out more

Poison Club

Poison Club is the brain child of Eoin Byrne......thats me! i grew up listening to lots of differant styles and weird shit now im hoping to join them all together in poison club. I was in a small garage band the typhoons before we split due to lack of singer and direction. As i said i have material ready so keep coming back for more poison, drink it down.

Contact Information:

Eoin Byrne
Edenderry, Offaly

Work Phone: 0872728529
Home Phone: 0872728529
E-mail: byrneo2003@yahoo.co.uk

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