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Aquarellen van Nederland or Watercolours of Holland

Watercolors of Holland

Welcome on my Homepage This website is dedicated to Watercolorpaintings of The Netherlands. Mainly the Northern territory (North Holland) It is colouring with water! And that does it! I wish you a good time! My name is Edo And one of my hobby`s is watercolorpainting I learned the art myself from books and video`s Alone or with my father in law, we seek nice nostalgic places to paint! We take sandwiches and something to drink with us, and during the day we make one or two watercolors. I paint usually on the spot (plain air), only then you get the right feeling in your painting! its a nice hobby, and you are in nature. Go to http://members.lycos.nl/edoaquarel and see true my eyes beautifull Holland in watercolour!!

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Edo Hannema

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E-mail: colafree@hotmail.com

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