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Edith Bergstrom, AWS,NWS

Visit Edith Bergstrom's beautiful web site to enter the magnificent world of palms and light. Experience the drama of her unique vision. Edith was raised in a desert community south of Palm Springs and she has focused on painting palm trees since 1974. She earned an undergraduate degree from Pomona College, and a graduate degree from Stanford University, both with a major in painting. She works in a variety of mediums and became well known among watercolor artists for her semi-abstract views of palms. Her watercolor paintings have received awards in more than half of the many national competitions in which they have been exhibited. She is currently executing very large oil paintings on linen.


Contact Information:

Edith Bergstrom
P.O. Box 126
Palo Alto, Ca 94302

Work Phone:
Home Phone: 650-322-7256
E-mail: edith@palmpaintings.com

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