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E. Gordon West, AWS, NWS

Brief Bio

E. Gordon West is a signature of The American Watercolor Society, The National Watercolor Society, The Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, and The Texas Watercolor Society. He has had works accepted in over 50 regional and national competitions and has won over 30 awards. Primarily a realistic painter, his designs and compositions are concepts in the abstract. He paints inrticate shapes in water reflections, vast landscapes through windows, and flowing compositions of horse tack racks, for example.



E. Gordon West is available to jury shows and conduct workshops. He believes that juried exhibitions should reflect a survey of the best works submitted, whether they be relistic, abstract, non-objective, etc. In his workshops he emphasizes painting in values, while at the same time allows attendees to explore the varied techniques that can only be achieved through the watercolor media.

Contact Information:
E. Gordon West, AWS, NWS
EGordon West
2638 Waterford
San Antonio, TX 78217

Work Phone: Same
Home Phone: 210-826-0189
Fax: 210-826-5840
E-mail: gojowe@earthlink.net

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