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Don Rankin has been painting with water media for many years. He had his first one man show in 1964. Don's work has been featured in many national and regional shows as well as various art publications. In the past ten years the emphasis of his work has shifted from writing books, producing video tapes and conducting workshops to teaching at a University level. Dr. Rankin currently teaches as an Assistant Professor of Art at Samford University, in Birmingham, Alabama. His courses include basic structure (design) advanced structure, drawing, and painting as well as experimental techniques with water media.

About the Artist

Current Work

For the last decade Don has sought to place more emphasis on his personal vision. Many quieter works have given way to vibrant basic colors. Much of his work now utilizes the four basic colors found in American Indian tradition. Whenever possible Don goes to the wilderness to recharge, take off his shoes and stand on the earth. Two notable treks involved spending time in the Boundary Waters canoeing and portaging over trails once traveled by his ancestors, another trek involved re-visiting the Escalante system in Utah. Sharp contrasts in landscape, but powerful places for the artist. Living simply and in harmony with the land has been most important to the artist's work.

Contact Information:

Don Rankin
3412 Wellford Circle
Birmingham, AL 35226-2616

Work Phone: 205/979-6581
Home Phone: 205/979-6581
E-mail: kahkahwee@mindspring.com

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