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Not too many words

Paintings should speak for themselves. Hence my major consideration to keep this description short. The visible reality is the main principle in my work. Look upon me as a perfectionist. Hardly ever satisfied with my own work. Or, to put it more mildly with the word of The Dutch painter Paul Citroen: "The painting will tell me what to do". That's why I am always prepared to start all over again if I do not like the final result. I tend to be my own critic .I rather compare my work to painters that I esteem higher than myself. Lots of them , for that matter. Never satisfied, and still happy. The remarkable paradox that makes..... and keeps painting attractive to me. You can write any commentary in the guestbook. I would like to mention that I prefer constructive critical remarks to odes..... D.Plat1@chello.nl or ballotage@adres.nl

Contact Information:

Dirk Th Plat
Speelmansstraat 69
Leeuwrden , Netherlands, NL 8911GN

Work Phone: +31 58 2120837
Home Phone: +31 58 2120837
Fax: +31 58 2120837
E-mail: ballotage@adres.nl

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