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Diana Hsu Transparent Watercolors

Diana Hsu Transparent Watercolors

Click To Visit My Site Around the age of 15, I realized I had a passion for transparent watercolor. Born and living in Taiwan until the age of 18, I attended a High School dedicated to Fine Arts. I cannot say my ability was as impressive as my passion, but I kept with it and am learning more every day. I am now 21, living in Texas and commit the majority of my time exclusively to transparent watercolor. I appreciate and respect all media and believe no medium is any easier to master than any other, but there is a satisfaction I get from watercolors that no other media gives me. I have used other media, such as oils, pastels, and acrylic, but watercolor seems to create a greater challenge and sense of accomplishment. However, an occasional pencil, acrylic, or oil work seems to find its way into my life. http://www.dianahsu.com


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Contact Information:

Diana Hsu
3501 Rhodes Rd Apt 503
Brownwood , TX 76801

Work Phone: 915 643 6268
Home Phone: 915 643 6268
E-mail: Watercolors@dianahsu.com

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