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watercolor, colored pencil or graphite, portraits and animal creations on, 140lb. cold or hot press, Arches, acid free watercolor cloth paper, new "Fredrix's" watercolor canvas and Yupo by request (for a more free form likeness). Whether multi color or black and white with an accent of rose,to add warmth to the portrait. To initiate portrait painting a,clearly visable, color photo or two shall be provided by customer. An additional charge will be incured for composit pictures or the change of backgrounds,other than agreed upon, and if there are changes made that are not consistant with provided photos; eg. hair style, removal of objects( shoes or change clothing). An E-mail of work in progress shall be provided of preliminary sketches to be approved by customer. Another e-mail of work, mid way into painting, for viewing and aproval shall be provided; if at this point any changes, other than agreed proof sketches, are requested then an additional charge shall be incurred by the customer. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for finished portraits. Size of portrait is determined by customer request and will be delivered in an acid free mat; size of portrait will determine extra incured costs.

Points of interest!

You will be delighted with a portrait or animal portrait .

You will be so delighted with a very personal painting either for yourself or as a wonderful gift for a friend or loved one. I will work closely with you to ensure that you are totally satisfied with the picture! You will be very proud to present one of my paintings to anybody you wish. An agreed upon price will be subject to change if there are alterations from our agreed upon original subject matter for the portrait, as it will take longer to re-work and still ensure the high quality standards that I expect of my paintings. There will also be a difference in prices depending on size of portrait and whether it is in watercolor, colored pencil or carbide; also the difference in paper, canvas board or stretched canvas. Please E-mail for quote and have an idea of the size and medium that you would like. Any other pictures, other than portraits, are acceptable too! Thank you D.Anderson

Contact Information:

Diana Carol Anderson

Kent City, MI 49330

Work Phone: 616-678-4459
Home Phone:
E-mail: rn20012000@aol.com

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