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Deborah Ross is one of America’s leading wildlife artists. Most recently she has been working in Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. She documented her journeys in painting essays published in Natural History Magazine. Ross has illustrated exhibit graphic for zoos and natural history institutions across America including: Jungleworld at the Bronx Zoo, The Prospect Park Wildlife Center in Brooklyn and, most recently the art for the Miami Metro Zoo’s newly renovated aviary. Ross is on the faculty of the School of Visual Arts and has taught wildlife watercolor workshops since 1995 at Walt Disney Feature Animations, DreamWorks, Pixar, PDI, and Cal Arts. “My ambition is to capture the essence of a subject distilled during the moments of observation. My techniques I have developed in my years of working in the field. For example: A full sweep of color applied with the full body of the brush lays down the overall gesture. Then the fine tip of the brush is used for a telling detail to set and ground the pose. Proper tools (a good brush, quality pigments and paper) are key in mastering watercolor.”

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Deborah Ross will lead a series of Watercolor Workshops in Madagascar in June 2004

Contact Information:

Deborah C Ross
137 First Avenue #7
New York, NY 10003

Work Phone: same
Home Phone: 212 5339764
Fax: same
E-mail: tokounou@mindspring.com

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