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Biographical Sketch:

David Beale draws upon a broad range of lifetime experiences in his approach to painting watercolors. His need for artistic expression began after joining the Peace Corps and visiting Abrego, Columbia during the revolution. When he returned, Beale studied music composition at Duke and Cornell Universities with the intention of becoming a professional music composer. One of his early pieces, "Reflections on a Park Bench," was performed at Carnegie Hall in 1976. Beale soon turned to carpentry and in 1975 founded Southern Exposure, a remodeling company based in Ithaca. He ran Southern Exposure until 2000, when he and his wife Kathie (also an artist and teacher) opened The Picture House Frame Shop in Cortland, NY. David Beale's medium of choice changed at 50 when he took a workshop in watercolors. Beale recently built a cottage-sized house adjacent to a seven acre wildlife pond, McCloy Pond, which provides inspiration for many of his paintings.

See as wide selection of David's paintings at www.davidbealeartist.com

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