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Vanishing Images

D. S. Dean

As an artist working in both traditional watercolor and the cyberspace of the computer, I see the rapidly changing landscapes of both these worlds. Through my art, I work to capture both images of the past and the vanishing images of the world around me. Combining traditional techniques with digital technology, I hope to preserve a rich legacy for future generations. Throughout her career in computer graphic design and digital imaging, Diane has presented seminars and lectures in graphic design concepts, color theory, and the use of technology in the development of visual communications. She is an expert in digital photo retouching and preparing fine art for display on the World Wide Web. A respected member of several fine arts organizations, Diane’s talents go beyond fine art and graphic design. She is an accomplished editor, published in several fields including the mystery novel genre. Diane’s work combines the emotions of multiple disciplines to provide her audience the abundant textures of our world through watercolor.

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Contact Information:
Original Productions
D S Dean
6655 Waterbury Way
Cumming, GA 30040

Work Phone: 770-844-0492
Home Phone: 770-844-5958
Fax: 770-844-5958
E-mail: dianesdean@mindspring.com

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