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Clara Susan Beym


Clara "Susan" Beym was born in Ontario Canada in 1957, moved to Trenton, NJ as a child and has lived there since. She was raised in a large family by German parents, and exposed to art as a young child while watching German Grandfather paint. Susan has been painting watercolors since Catholic grammar school where the nuns thought it was a excellent discipline to paint one watercolor every week. Susan has been fascinated by typography since childhood, when her father who worked for a printing company brought home Lead type slugs for the children in the family to amuse themselves with by making designs. Also an accomplished seamstress and designer of one-of-a-kind fashions, Susan learned to sew at an early age from her mother who was also the daughter of a seamstress. Susan has been married for twenty years to her high school sweetheart. They have two teenage children, both showing some artistic talents. After graduating from Mercer County Community College in 1977 with an Advertising Degree, Susan has worked for and Educational Improvement Center designing brochures and also working as company photographer. For a Printing Company doing traditional pasteup, layout and design on a drawing board for many Fortune 500 Companies. She returned to school to study Architectual drawing and Computer Graphics, and has taken an occasional water color class. Susan is now employed at Educational Testing Service as a Graphic Designer and Associate Art Director. She is involved in designing international ad campaigns, Book cover designs and many other print products as well as web page design. Susan recently started to paint watercolors again and has shown her work at local libraries. She has been working on a series of watercolors that illustrate a local park's beautiful and colorful flower gardens.

Susan's favorite subjects for watercolors:

Visit Susan's web page and see her work

Samples graphics and watercolors------- http://sueb.htmlplanet.com

Contact Information:

Clara Susan Beym
10 Shell Flower Lane
Hamilton Square , NJ 08690

Work Phone: 609-588-0014
Home Phone: 609-406-5240
E-mail: sbeym@aol.com

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