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Watercolors by Christian H. Bent

Watercolors by Christian H. Bent

As far back as I can remember, I have loved to paint watercolors. A quiet creek along the Chesapeake, a trail through beach dunes, or an old harbor -- these were places I loved to spend my time and capture on paper. Growing up on the Chesapeake Bay with summers in Nova Scotia provided plenty of inspiration as a young artist. Later on, the works of Winslow Homer, Andrew Wyeth, Turner, and Corot inspired my approach to painting in their tradition. Many of my paintings are done directly from nature, with an emphasis on light and mood. Scenes are inspired by my love of the sea, dramatic landscapes, and historic architecture. I have been fortunate to travel and paint in many beautiful places in the world, including the Caribbean islands, Italy and France, and the spectacular Greek islands. So far, I have managed to capture only a tiny fraction of the beautiful places I have seen. I hope you enjoy my paintings.

Contact Information:
Christian H Bent
620 Admiral Drive, #344
Annapolis, MD 21401

Work Phone:
Home Phone: 410-703-5698
Fax: 443-782-1402
E-mail: chbent@yahoo.com

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