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Biography: Charlene Corman-Brooks an Ozarks native of Southcentral Missouri, graduate of SMSU-Springfield, MO with a BSED and lifetime certificate to teach secondary education, is the president of the West Plains Artist Guild, and superintendent of fine arts exhbits at HEART OF THE OZARKS FAIR, North Highway 63, West Plains, MO. Charlene is a hostest at The Harlin Museum, 405 Worcester Ave., West Plains, MO where the WP Artist Guild will hold its 20th Annual People of the Ozarks Art Show in 2003.

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Artist Statement

Watercolor painting and mixed media is the variety and spice of life for me to express mood, the color of light, and a means to share God's beauty of creation. My art work brings the ordinary and mundane to one's attention and records the passing of time in our changing Ozarks culture. Art and creativity is a life style, tradition, and often a necessity in Ozarks life that dominates in many aspects. Art preserves our world of thoughts, emotions,and way of life for genearations to come making it a thing of beauty, and a joy forever.

Contact Information:

Charlene CormanBrooks
4924 CR 2320
Pomona, MO 65789

Work Phone: 417-469-5206
Home Phone: 417-256-7801
E-mail: corman@townsqr.com

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