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Watercolor and Mixed Media

I call my work expressionistic and paint non-objective as well as representational. Even though I work in two different ways, they are connected by the instinctive way I use shapes and color to say what I need to say. My non objective work deals with biographical, emotional, and spiritual issues. I use acrylic glazes in the layering process incorporating a complex mix of materials and images. It is an intuitive process used to unite the many layers incorporating my own personal symbols. I work in watercolor the traditional way, painting wet onto dry paper capturing realistic images.


Artist Statement

" I am stimulated by visual images that arouse my emotions. This energy guides my hand. The work I do is very personal. It speaks of my background, my family, and reflects my inner joy. I want to share the excitement I feel and beauty I see. "

Contact Information:

Cecie Feiner Borschow
735 Sherwood Drive
Richardson, TX 75080

Work Phone:
Home Phone: 972-238-8532
E-mail: cecie@borschow.net

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