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About the Artist...

Carole, an Alabama native, has lived and worked in the Atlanta area for over 30 years. Having enjoyed art since childhood, she majored in Art Education, earning a BS Degree from Auburn University. She explored the teaching field briefly and worked in commercial and graphic arts for a number of years before discovering a love for transparent watercolors. Mostly self-taught, she is very active in the art community, having received numerous awards and shown her work in selected shows and galleries throughout the south. She is a Juried member of the Atlanta Artists Center, the Georgia and Alabama Watercolor Societies, the Thomasville Art Guild and The Art Station in Stone Mountain. She shows her work at Gallery V, Ltd. in Roswell. Carole is a calligrapher and commissions "Home Portraits" and tile and wall murals. She and her husband, Jim, a residential builder and developer, live in East Cobb County and have five children.

Artist's Statement...

"As an artist, I continually try to find fresh new approaches to express myself. I have always been intrigued by the play of sunlight and shadows on reflective surfaces. I often use informal placement and a bird's-eye view to create interest. Through light and shadow, I can turn everyday objects into works of art." View Carole's Webpage at http://pages.prodigy.net/poole7/

Contact Information:

Carole S Poole


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E-mail: carolepoole@prodigy.net

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