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Wild Oaks Art - The Bewitched Fantasy Art of Carol Ochs

Welcome to Wild Oaks Art.....

.....an enchanted fine art gallery of wild fae life in it's natural, untamed state! Collected here, are the bewitched fantasy art expressions by watercolorist, Carol Ochs.  Come scamper among wild oaks--legendary portals to the fairy realm!  Re-meet whimsical pixies, gremlins, elves, and mythic creatures you first knew as a child! Escape "the ordinary", where many lose their ability to see fae folk in mystical landscapes, or find magic in everyday life! We invite you BACK to where your heart and imagination calls....C'mon, let's play! 

Contact Information:
Wild Oaks Art
Carol Ochs

San Diego, CA

Work Phone: 619-287-1750
Home Phone: 619-287-1751
Fax: 619-287-1321
E-mail: faescribbles@aol.com

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