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Bülent CETINOR was born in 1928 in Istanbul. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Istanbul Techical University in 1951. B.CETINOR started his first watercolour studies during his university education; he was encouraged by Prof.Dr.C.HOLZMEISTER, Prof.Dr. Paul BONATZ and painter Ercument KALMIK. He opened his first exhibition in 1973. He continued producing as a watercolor artist next to his occupations as an architect through many years. He has made numerous publications as an artist, traveler and researcher. His watercolor paintings reflect the turkish culture in architecture. Historical homes, mansions, yalis, scenes from old towns, villages, city sites are the major topics of his paintings. B. CETINOR has opened about 100 exhibitions home and abroad. His works can be found in various collections in U.S.A., Japan, China and some European countries. Bülent ÇETİNOR takes great pleasure in recreating the beauties and cultural values of his environment in his watercolors. He finds time from his hard work to instruct a group of architecture students on watercolor painting and gives private lessons in his atelier.

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You can view Mr. Çetinor's watercolors under: www.bulentcetinor.com

Contact Information:

Bulent etinor
Nevzemin Sanat Galerisi Nevzemin sok.Bahariye 14/1
Istanbul, TR 81300

Work Phone:
Home Phone: (90)216-3308802
Fax: (90)216-330880
E-mail: bcetinor@hotmail.com

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