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Artist Statement

Too often in life, we limit what we attempt to do and settle for a sort of "I wish I could" lifestyle. That summarizes a good part of my life. Watercolors for me is my way of breaking out of that mold and investigating a part of life I never thought I had. I picked up my brushes in late 2001 at 58, after not having drawn since early childhood. What I'm finding is that it is a medium I throughly enjoy and am getting better at. My site is a journey. Therefore, you will see some of my early works, "warts and all." Hopefully, it will encourage others to follow their dreams and not be afraid to try. You can visit my site at www.watercolorjourney.com. You never know what your gifts are until you start to use them!



To those who have never painted and have always been afraid to, I would say. Go with your gut! Pick up that brush, squeeze out some paint and begin. Attend a workshop or two with a good instructor, gain a little confidence and let yourself go!! Life is made to enjoy...get in there and party!

Contact Information:

Brian E Roberge
2251 Fulton Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

Work Phone: 415-387-1097
Home Phone:
E-mail: sfteddy2251@sbcglobal.net

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