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Who I am

I am a fifty year old self taught artist, who loves to paint. I love to try to capture the beauty that GOD has shown to me, only larger than life flowers,and people, and animals. I enjoy painting architecture,exspecially old and run down building,and victorian houses. When I paint, I don't use black or white paint,and I try not to use paintthat is loaded with pigment or paint that won't granulize, because I want the paper to show through.

Large Shows

Other shows

I have been in many other small jurried shows both indoors and outdoors. I also accept commishions for portraits of Homes ,People ,and Pets from May-Nov.

Contact Information:

Bill G Shepherd
7351 Groger Rd.
Onsted, MI 49265

Work Phone:
Home Phone: 1.517.467.4288
E-mail: artist@dmci.net

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