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Betty M.M. Wong's paintings

Discovering myself through Art

If you happen to click into this site by chance, fate has brought us together. Please take a minute to view some of my paintings at my website www.dbwong.com/bettyspaintings. Painting has been my passion since childhood. I started chinese painting over 15 years ago and after some 10 years, I switched to watercolor recently. Toronto, which has been my home for the last 16 years, has nurtured me on my art journey, thanks to the many art clubs and activities in this great city. Being a self learner, I am continously exploring my style and hope to gradually break new grounds. The vibrancy of watercolor has mesmerised me most and I am thrilled to be able to experiment with this wonderful medium.At present, I am a member of the Toronto Watercolor Society and the Bayview Watercolor Society.

My website: dbwong.com/bettyspaintings

Love to hear from you

Thanks for your time in looking at my paintings. If you wish to buy any originals, please email me. I would be so delighted to hear some comments as well. Commission work is also welcome.

Contact Information:

Betty MM Wong

Richmond Hill, On

Work Phone: 416-726-3662
Home Phone: 905-709-8688
E-mail: bmmwong@rogers.com

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