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Underwater Fantasy Watercolor Paintings and Murals

Background of Art Projects

Belinda, known as "BB" is originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma in the middle of the country...feeling rather like a fish out of water, this Pisces, Water color artist, and Muralist, is finding herself right at home on the west coast and living very near the Pacific Ocean, finds her inspiration in a climate very much like the Mediterranian

Projects Completed

Thank you for entering my site!

I would love hear from you. I will be happy to provide ideas and visual proposals for the most delightful and reasonably priced customized art for home or business at your convenience. Please feel free to contact me the email address listed below. Again, thanks for visiting me. B.B.

Contact Information:
Independent Creative Services
Belinda Beard Ajili
2210 Vanderbilt Lane
Redondo Beach, , CA 90278

Work Phone: (310) 372-0586
Home Phone: (310) 372-0586
Fax: N/A
E-mail: ajili3@yahoo.com

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