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Artistic versatility best describes Barbara's style.† She is equally skilled at creating landscsapes, portraits, abstracts, wildlife art and Native American paintings. She† specializes in contemporary landscapes and images of Native Americans, taken from their tribal history, religion and legend. Iconic images of females are one of her primary artistic challenges, and creating the 13 Clan Mother sketches has been her most recent challenge. The clan mother paintings are inspired† by the descriptive passages in Jamie Samsí book, The 13 Original Clan Mothers. She studied studio arts, majoring in painting, at Cal State Los Angeles as an undergraduate student. Photography, her hobby, enables her to capture landscapes which she translates into dynamic paintings, using expressionistic colors, in her studio. Her work is in private collections in the USA and Europe. In Colorado, her work is currently at Gallery K in Evergreen, Elk Ridge Art Company in Golden, Dos Amigas in Evergreen, Canaan Gallery in Littleton and Might As Well Gallery in Cherry Hills. Her media are primarily acrylic, watercolor, gouache and waterbased oil paints. She accepts privately commissioned paintings. Barbara lived in Europe for 19 years and recently moved to Colorado from California.† Colorado's landscape has inspired a major body of landscape work, currently on display at Gallery K in Evergreen and Elk Ridge Art in Golden.



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Contact Information:
Front Range Art Studio
Barbara Wright
6066 Oberstrasse Road
Evergreen, CO 80439

Work Phone: 303/679-9914
Home Phone:
E-mail: wright9@rmi.net

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