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Abstract spiritual watercolor paintings and prints. Art for beauty, pleasure and meditation! Channeled art that heals the soul, quiets the mind and awakens the spirit within. I started painting in 1996 after totally ignoring my desire to paint for several years. Something instinctively told me it should be with watercolors. The theme is abstract, with a variety of subjects such as, angels, spiritual fantasy, sacred spiritual symbols, floral, and landscapes. All my work is channeled through spirit, I meditate before I paint and then I play classical music. All symbols that I draw before I paint are taken directly from my meditations. When I'm ready to paint I concentrate on the music and allow the paint to flow spontaneously in whatever way the music directs the movement of my hand. I never know what the end results will be or how it transpires. Each time I paint I am overwhelmed by what appears on the paper. The most important part of this process is that I am filled with joy and a sense of peace and harmony. Why don't you visit my site and tell me what you see and what you experience while viewing my paintings. http://spiritual-artist.8m.net.

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Contact Information:

Barbara Ann Rizzo
23 Lexington Ave
Westbury, NY 11590

Work Phone: 516-334-6538
Home Phone:
E-mail: spiritual_artist8@hotmail.com

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