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Late Bloomer in Making Art

After completing the terminal degree in Educational Administration, life changed and I had to find a new life direction. The quest to develop skills in Watercolor for pure enjoyment became one of my life's goals and I hope a new direction. I love the gentle presentation of ideas and pleasant airy look of transparent watercolors.

My Watercolor Teachers (1996__

Making or viewing and thinking about art is necessary to a well-lived life.

Making Art with watercolor requires valuable time, (to practice), focus and a desire to learn. Art is in our life every day whether we are aware of it or not. The beauty of color, comfort in balance and necessity of harmony are required to maintain a healthy place in life and art can provide that.

Contact Information:

Barbara L Fox
321 Dry River Road
Bridgewater, VA 22812

Work Phone: 540-828-6333
Home Phone: 540-828-6333
Fax: N/A
E-mail: bfoxdave@aol.com

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