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Arlette Steenmans, artist-painter

Arlette Steenmans

Arlette Steenmans was born in Mechelen, Belgium on February the 5th, 1958. Until the beginning of 1982 she lived with her parents in the centre of the city of Mechelen where she went to school. She got interested in astronomy and got deeply involved with a youth group for astronomy in Mechelen from 1974 onwards. After having completed grammar school (1976), she continued studies at the "Karel de Grote Hogeschool voor schone kunsten", high school for art in Antwerp, speciality painting, where she graduated in 1980. Exhibitions in group or individually at : France : Cannes, Lurs, Paris, Peyruis, Volonne Belgium : Brugge, Mechelen, Neufchateau, Ostend Switzerland : Luzern Montecarlo : Monaco Over a period of years she has experimented with a number of techniques and many different materials- her favourite techniques being mixed media, water colour and oil painting. She has a skilful hand and manages to depict images with photographic accuracy, having mastered the colour palette perfectly. Portrait painting is not her area of first choice, but she is also outstanding in this speciality. Watercolor paintings are numerical best represented, especially the landscapes and old villages of the Provence, in Southern France. Her deep love of nature explains why animals and often insects, occur in many of her paintings, sometimes as a way of catching the eye, sometimes as an enigmatic detail. We often see strange worlds in the paintings-such as frogs presented as observers-with lifelike animals in unreal scenery. Sometimes the spectator's eye is deceived by a masterly trompe-l'oeil. Some pictures are constructed to include their environment in unexpected ways, for example, the picture involving a shirt and a clothes hanger. Due to the pinpoint-sharp detail of the painting, combined with its ingenuity, its originality and the whimsical nature of the imagination, the artwork of Arlette Steenmans is highly distinctive.

Artistic distinctions:

Future plans:

A most successful exhibition in Ostend, Belgium in August 1999 meant a definite breakthrough. The large number of interested buyers had no problem to assess paintings at their true value. Several more exhibitions are planned now for 2000-2001. And watercolor courses are being organized by the artist at her home in Southern France. About watercolor courses. Towards Art Gallery Steenmans.

Contact Information:

Arlette Steenmans
La Remise, Grande Rue
04700 Puimichel, France,

Work Phone: +33-492-79-95-00
Home Phone:
E-mail: 113760.2750@compuserve.com

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