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Artistic Duo - Richard La Valley and Annette Palmer

Our Adventures in Watercolor Painting

Rick and Annette, she prefers to be called, Marie, have a lot of similarities and that is what brought this duo together.  They attend Southern State Community College (SSCC) in southern Ohio.  Annette graduated in 2005 but takes continuing education classes.  Richard is a SSCC student and will graduate later this year.  Both are aspiring watercolor artist.  Besides their love for art they share their life together with their children from previous marriages and their daughter they have together.  Their styles in watercolor painting are quite different and unique.  They have completed on location paintings and found that using the same still life subject, still rendered two totally different watercolor paintings.  Annette is mainly a folk artist while Richard is more into realism. Sharing this site will show that these two artist who have a lot in common are both unique in their own styles and thus it is the same way with every artist....no two are alike! 

Once Upon A Time....I Took A Watercolor Class

Annette Palmer lives in the southern hills of Peebles, Ohio. She paints at home and continues taking continuing education classes with James Werline at Southern State Community College.  Annette holds an associate degree in Fine Arts and was inspired by her college professor to take up watercolor painting.  She feels she is still in the early learning process with her art and has not entered any of her works into any shows, but she plans to in the future.


Annette considers herself a folk art type artist and was dubbed as such by professional watercolor artist and her college professor, James D. Werline.  She began painting as a child, but found little time to pursue her dreams in art.  Later, after her divorce and upon entering college at Southern State Community College in Hillsboro, Ohio, she decided to follow her artistic dreams.  She now often mixes watercolor with acrylic in her paintings.  She is still looking for her personal niche and is enjoying the journey along the way.  “Watercolor is an unforgiving medium”, says Annette repeating these famous words from Professor Werline and she agrees wholeheartedly when looking at some mud prints she made in the beginning of her watercoloring days...she says, "It was fun testing the waters so to speak."    

Art was an elective until....

The first time Richard did a watercolor painting was in James D. Werlines class at college.  "I've always had a passion for art and the class was interesting" so Richard found himself wanting to paint all the time.  The artist bug had bitten, but for now he has to "contain" that bug until he finishes his degree in computer technology.  Richard plans to continue painting after graduation and someday plans to enter his work in art shows.  His works so far have consisted of many realism paintings in landscapes, ships at sea, a lighthouse scene, and seasonal pieces. 

Annette Palmer &
Richard La Valley
8551 State Route 781
Peebles, OH 45660

Email: Annette_Palmer2003@yahoo.com

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