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Anna Shaburova


   Anna B. Shaburova, born in Moscow. 1987 Moscow    

   Architecture University graduate. Professional Architect. 

   Currently involved with a variety of private architecture 

   projects. Mrs. Shaburova professional career includes teaching 

   experience at the All-Russia State University, Masters of Film 

   Art Faculty and at Moscow Arts Specialized school. Mrs. 

   Shaburova participated in a number of Artist's Expositions and

   Shows in 2002, 2003, 2004

Aquarelle "Scenery"

Aquarelle "Still life" Aquarelle "People" Aquarelle "Flowers"
Etching & Drawing

If you are interested to see my another works of art, you have to visit my home page:


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Anna Shaburova


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E-mail: anna@shaburova.ru

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