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Ann Bell's Watercolor Showcase

Artist Statement: When I begin a painting, I am inspired by something I have seen recently. As I paint, I move deeper into myself until I am somewhere between memory and imagination. By the time I have finished, the line between reality, memory, and imagination has totally disappeared. I want my painting to depict a place that feels real and evokes a fond memory, without being specific or photographic. I invite you to step inside and linger in a place where time stands still and nature’s peace prevails.

Transparent watercolor forms the basis for my work. The surface might be traditional watercolor paper, rag illustration board, or oriental paper which I crinkle to lend an air of mystery. As I journey into the individual piece, I intuitively reach for various additional materials to express what I am feeling. I might use gouache, pastel, colored pencil, acrylic or ink. My work originates from a deep desire to explore, appreciate, and enjoy nature, and to lead the viewer along a similar path.

Ann Bell is serving her fourth term on the Board of Directors of Women in the Visual and Literary Arts.

She served  two years as President of Watercolor Art Society-Houston (WAS-H) during construction of the new WAS-H building: June 2004-May 2006. 

She teaches business classes to artists.

Her studio is located in a vintage building near downtown Houston.

To see her paintings visit her web site

Email: artist@AnnBell.net

If you wish to visit her studio, please call 281-330-3827 to make an appointment.
Ann Bell
2711 Main St. #114
Houston, TX 77002

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