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Angela C. Roth McIntosh was born and raised in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. She attended the University of British Columbia and graduated with her Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1980. In 1981 she entered the Faculty of Medicine at UBC to pursue her interests in becoming a doctor but left in 1983 to realize her dream of painting. She traveled to mainland China in 1987 and studied with renowned artists from the Central Institute of Fine Arts in Beijing. After seeing many of the highlights of the country she was impressed with the potential for painting China's people and wonders. 4 months in this amazing country and her dream to organize a touring watercolor workshop began. In October of 2000 Angie returned to China to organize her workshops which are suitable to painters of all levels, photographers, and non-painting culturally interested travelers. She has made arrangements for her group to paint with leading watercolorists from China. Angie relishes the people, culture, and scenery she has found in China over the years and wants others to also experience the joys of China--a country rich in heritage, scenery, and charm. You may visit her website at http://www.ChinaArtTours.com to see her online art gallery, an album of photos of some of her trips to China, and information about the May, July, and October 2002 trips that are planned.

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Enrich your life!

Live your life in the most meaningful and rich way! Fill your days with with exciting adventures, rewarding experiences, joyful relationships, and diverse culture through art, music, and dance. Pick up that paint brush, expand your horizons, have fun!!! To see some wonderful art, or to come on an inspiring journey of a lifetime, visit Angie's website at http://www.ChinaArtTours.com.

Contact Information:
Angela Roth McIntosh
432 Ellis St.
Penticton, BC V2A 4M2

Work Phone: (250)492-5790
Home Phone: (250)809-7932
Fax: (250)492-2299
E-mail: angiemcintosh@home.com

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