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I began to paint in watercolor (gouache) in college as a Fashion Design student. As a designer I illustrated my ideas and painted them with gouache. I adored high fashion and dreamed of being a great designer one-day. My fashion fantasies soon faded. As I drew the figure and discovered the anatomy of the body; I became fascinated with the human face. Each person's face is a landscape of unique planes and shadows. My heart tingled as I watched my paintbrush capture on paper a fleeting moment in time and yet reveal the essence of a human being. At last, I had found my passion-Portraiture! I never thought of becoming a fine artist. Yet the passion for portraiture consumed my every thought. My career as a fashion designer was cut short and I found myself eager to learn everything I could about painting portraits. I spent the majority of my time pouring over watercolor books and watching painting videos. I practiced incessantly painting the same photos of my friends and family over and over again. I began to take watercolor portrait workshops. It was there that I discovered the luminous quality of transparent watercolor. By learning how to effectively draw from photographs as a fashion designer, I used that knowledge to develop my portraits. The majority of my paintings are done from photographs. There is great joy in transforming someone's favorite photo into a luminous watercolor painting. One such portrait was done of my mother when she was two years old. I painted mama's portrait from an old faded b/w photo. Her portrait is a charming expression of life, where I have encapsulated her glowing personality, the twinkle in her eyes, and the tiny smirk on her face. Portraiture is my life’s passion. Painting truly fills my soul and that is why I continue to learn about painting and to grow as an artist. A Passionate Painter! Alice Swann

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Visit http://www.geocites.com/SoHo/Exhibit/7680

Contact Information:
Swannart Watercolors
Alice Swann
58154 M-51 South
Dowagiac, Mi 49047

Work Phone: 616-782-2494
Home Phone: 616-782-2494
Fax: None
E-mail: swannart@aol.com

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