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Ali Salinov, Artist from Azerbaijan

Background to the Artist

Ali Salinov was born in Baku, Azerbaijan in 1925. He studied art at the state Academy of Art in Baku, Azerbaijan. In Azerbaijan, Salinov is most renouned for his water colours depicting the landscapes he found during extensive travels throughout the former Soviet Union in the 1960ís and 70ís. A good example of this is 'The start of a new revolutionary day' (HTTP://server14.hypermart.net/Azeriart/Alis) This watercolor used a style of classic Soviet iconography, the toiling masses in the industrial and agricultural power houses of the revolution. Salinov is now in retirement in his home city of Baku.

Contact Information:

Ali Salinov
23 Nizami Prospect
Baku Azerbaijan, 4353454

Work Phone: 00994502160638
Home Phone: 00994502160638
Fax: 00994502160638
E-mail: christoper@azeri.com

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