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Read this page and set up a FREE personal web site.
If you are a watercolorist or paint with aqua-media, you may set up a free personal web site on Watercolor Online. Please look at our example page for an idea of what can be done.
Depending upon what you want to say, it takes only about 10 minuts to complete our free page form. Your page is set up instantly, and is visible to any one on the web. Once you set up the page, it will be reviewed, and if it is found acceptible, it will be added to the main artists index, so that people can find you.
Here are the rules for you to set up a free personal site. If the rules are not followed, your site will be deleted.
  1. Your page must pertain to art. Please don't put real estate adds or other non-art related items on your page.
  2. You must read and agree to our disclaimer. This can be summarized as "When it's free, there is no guarantee!"
  3. You must make a good page with interesting information. For example, only listing your name with no other interesting information is not a good page.
When you set up your page you will receive a confirmation with a link to your address. Please make a bookmark. Also, write down your password so that you can edit your page in the future. You will also receive a confirmation and greeting via email.
If you want to set up your free personal site and agree to the terms in our disclaimer, please, click here: FREEPAGE.
To edit an existing page click here: EDIT.
To advertise your page by submitting your address to all the major search engines on the web, click here: ADVERTISE.
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